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Camaraderie, Bushcraft, Adventure, and Beer!

Date: April 6, 2024


Assemble your team and prepare for Pack Rat’s biggest event of the year!

Your crew will navigate to hidden checkpoints along the Mulberry River valley, completing a variety of outdoor challenges along the way.

Archery. Build fire. Paddle a canoe. Tie knots. Climb. Rappel. Identify local plants & animal tracks. A team with varied skillsets is a must.

What is the Brewha Bushwhack?

The Brewha Bushwhack is not a race in the traditional sense. We call it a team-based adventure challenge: What you know is more important than how fast you are. Physical challenges will test your endurance, but the goal is to push the limit of your team's diversity of skills, and ability to work together. Make your own path, and set your own pace - the Brewha Bushwhack is a challenge based on points, not time.

The gear requirements are small - You will mostly rely on primitive technology and woodlore. Little more than a knife and cordage will be needed to complete the challenges. Your most important tool is your brain, and best asset your team.

At the end of it all, local breweries will be serving up some great beer, and we'll have an awards ceremony to swap stories and compare scars.

Don't Want to Race?

During the event, there is an all-day gathering full of clinics, gear demos, survival, bushcraft, archery, and more! Learn more about them at the link below.


During the day, experience an outdoor festival like no other! An eclectic mix of local businesses, outdoor brands, food & drink vendors, and primitive skills experts will be hosting a variety of clinics and events throughout the day.

Kid's Quest

We have a new event that started last year - the Kid's Quest, a mini Brewha for your little adventurers.

Learn more about the festival and Kid's Quest, and register, at the link below.

A series of four images. The first is lithic scatter, the second is a group of people talking, the third is an axe, knife, gloves, and a shemagh, and the fourth is a group of people sitting under a pavilion, listening to live music.
A series of four photos. The first is a woman firing a traditional bow at a 3D fish target. The second is a group of people studying a map. The third is a man striking a firesteel with a knife. The fourth is a crashed plane, and competitors treating a patient in a medical scenario.

Necessary Skills

You will need a wide range of skills to compete in the Bushwhack. Below are skills that will likely be required:

Navigation • Primitive Fire • Rope Skills • Plant & Animal Track ID • Archery • Paddling • Wilderness First Aid • Shelter Building

A series of monochrome graphics showing a compass, fire, rope and knots, a leaf and animal footprint, a traditional bow, a canoe, wilderness first aid, and a tarp tent.
A series of monochrome graphics showing a compass, fire, rope and knots, a leaf and animal footprint, a traditional bow, a canoe, wilderness first aid, and a tarp tent.

How Challenges Work

It's up to you to determine the most efficient (or fun!) route of travel for the day.

• Course checkpoints can be completed in any order.

• Navigating to a checkpoint will be worth points.

• Additional points are earned by completing skill-based challenges like building a fire using primitive skills, or identifying animal tracks.

• Team members will need to work together to accomplish each task.

• The nature of each task will remain a surprise until you arrive!

Forming A Team

While you register individually, teams must consist of three or four people. Many of the challenges you will face require teamwork to complete.

During the registration process you will fill out a form that includes your team name and other vital information - this is how your teammates will be added together.Ensure all teammates use the same Team Name in their registration form when checking out.

• You will be traveling through very rugged terrain at times. It is essential for your team to understand how to use a map and compass.

• Kids 12+ are more than welcome to participate! A parent or guardian must be on their team and with them at all times.

• Teams that have less than 3 people will not be able to compete, so confirm your team has completely registered.

• The leader of each team must be over 21 years of age. Everyone that plans to attend the after party must be 21+ and have a valid ID with them to drink beer.

• Dogs are welcome on your team! They should be on a leash and their owners take full responsibility for them. Be aware that Byrd's Adventure Center has several large dogs that roam the property.


April 6, 2024


Byrd's Adventure Center on the Mulberry River in Northwest Arkansas.

7037 Cass Oark Rd, Ozark, AR 72949


Primitive camping in the designated Brewha Bushwhack area for Friday and Saturday night, is included with competition registration only. If you'd like a cabin, or campsite with RV or electrical hookups, you may arrange that with Byrd's Adventure Center.


Competitors: We recommend arriving at Byrd's Adventure Center the evening before the competition, to be present for the mandatory pre-race meeting the following morning. If you are unable to show up until Saturday morning, have your ducks in a row and be ready to go.

Festival: Show up Saturday Morning!

Friday afternoon:

-5:00pm Competitor Packet pick up begins

*Possible last minute training opportunity with our special guests. You won't want to miss this! 


8:00am- 8:30am Late Passport Pick up

- 9:00am Pre-Bushwhack meeting

10:00am The Competition begins!

- 12:00pm Festival Activities start

- 1:00-2:00 Kid's Quest starts

5:00pm The Bushwhack is over

6:00pm Festivities & Awards

Two people wearing PFDs paddling a canoe down the Mulberry River.

Breweries & Guests

There will be several local breweries pouring at the festival; keep an eye out for the final roster.

Special Guests

There will be several wilderness skills instructors at the spectator festival. Click on each one to learn more about them!

Live Music

Rogers, AR-based band The Damn Neighbors will be playing LIVE during the event!