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In-store/Curbside Pickup Available

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Correy Hawk

Correy Hawk will be returning to the Brewha Bushwhack this year!
Correy grew up in a small village in Southeast Nebraska, raised to hunt, fish, forage for wild foods, and navigate the wilderness. He eventually joined the United States Marine Corps, and served two combat tours in Afghanistan before returning home to Nebraska and becoming almost immediately infatuated with archery. Correy built bows obsessively as a hobby for 6 years before making Organic Archery his full-time endeavor in 2018. His mission is to open a door for people who wish to go afield with a simple, elegant, and effective longbow that uncovers a broader, deeper connection to our ancient history as hunter-gatherers.
Recently, Correy was featured on Season 7 of History Channel's ALONE, and as of 2021 is offering bow building classes out of his workshop in Nebrasksa!
Meet Correy and check out his amazing bows at the Brewha Bushwhack, at Byrd's Adventure Center!

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