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In-store/Curbside Pickup Available

In-store/Curbside Pickup Available

In-store/Curbside Pickup Available

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W Anna Ultra Light Trail Pant

Color: Kelp Green
Kelp Green
Dove Grey
Size: 4
Inseam: 32

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Trail-Tested, Style-Approved: Anna Ultra Light Trail Pant

  • Hip Slot™. Just Clip it.
  • Tool Loop. Hammer time.
  • Crotch Gusset. Free the squat.
  • Angled Front Panels. Stay sharp.
  • Reinforced Knee. Don't blow it.
  • Knee Slot. Put a pad in it.
  • Articulated Knee. Lean in.
  • Tough Cuff. Don't fray the hem.

Hot on the Trail of Cool Work Pants

Going lighter than we’ve ever gone before, Anna Trail Pant is a must for outdoor work and play in warm climates. Dove Grey is a lighter hue that staves off sun and disguises dirt, thanks to UPF 50 + sun protection and a plant-based stain + water repellent.

Anna Trail Pant is doubly durable thanks to front leg reinforcements with knee pad openings. Tough cuffs keep boots from wearing down the back hem. Nested pockets on the right stack essentials like snacks, tools, or a map perhaps? A left-side pocket keeps your phone from popping out when you’re hiking or biking in rough terrain. Speaking of dropping it, Dovetail’s fan-favorite crotch gusset helps you climb switchbacks to the summit, or squat down to stop and smell the roses. 

Our Kelp color reflects a universal brownish green found on forest floors and seabeds, in river rocks and marshlands. Thru-hikers, hunters, trail guides, and outdoorswomen put The Anna Trail Pant through the paces. Don’t worry, she won’t quit. Ultra-lightweight ripstop canvas offers UPF 50+ sun protection and plant-based repellency. Though rooted in nature, marvels of the modern world like 10 pockets, a tool loop, reinforced front legs, knee pad slots, and tough cuffs make the Anna Trail pant your #1 hiking buddy. For those in need of a weather-resistant lightweight ‘fit, pair these Anna Trail Pant to Dovetail’s Pac Jac in Kelp, or pop some contrast on top with Jasper Orange.

  • Ultralight Breathable Ripstop
  • UPF 50. Throw shade.
  • Quick Dry Technology. No Sweat..
  • StainResist Technology. Get dirty, wash clean.
  • StainResist Technology. Get dirty, wash clean.
  • WaterResist Technology. Shake it off.
  • Fabric weight: 5 oz
  • Fabric content: 97% cotton, 3% spandex