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In-store/Curbside Pickup Available

In-store/Curbside Pickup Available

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Ion M/L Stout Fire Ant

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Compact. Light. Reliable. From learning the basics to varied adventures, the Ion is the kayak equivalent of a multi-tool.

The Ion is, in essence, a shorter Fusion, and as well as 'Ion' being an appropriately shorter proportion of its bigger brother's name without losing the particle physics theme, the word is derived from the Greek word meaning 'to go'.

A shorter boat is better suited to shorter journeys, as well as being more manoeuvrable and easier to transport and store; as the aim of the Ion is not to take on as committing adventures as its larger sibling, we've also been able to keep the outfitting functional but simple and light, to reduce not only the overall weight of the boat, but the complexity of getting it set up and ready 'to go'.

The stability, predictability, simplicity, and ease of use which make the Ion a pleasure for the individual to own and paddle, also make it perfect for centres and hirers who want both their staff and fleet to be focussed on offering their clients the best experience possible, whether they've booked coaching or a guided trip, or just hired the boats to make their own fun.

Stout Seat Thigh Grips Adjustable Backrest
Stout Seat
Moulded Thigh Grips
Connect Backrest
Hatch and Drain Bung Injection Moulded Handles Skeg
Hatch and Drain Bung
Injection Moulded Handles
Sizes M/L S/M
Length 276cm / 9' 264cm / 8' 8"
Width 66cm / 26" 64cm / 25"
External Cockpit Length 91cm / 32.5" 83cm / 32"
External Cockpit Width 52cm / 20.5" 51cm / 20"
Volume 285l / 75(us)gal 203l / 53(us)gal
Hatch Volume Rear Rear
Weight 20kg / 44lb 19kg / 42lb
Optimum Paddler Weight <115kg / <225lb <75kg / <165lb