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In-store/Curbside Pickup Available

In-store/Curbside Pickup Available

In-store/Curbside Pickup Available

Free shipping on orders over $100 • In-store pickup & curbside delivery available

Pack Rat Outdoor Center Services

Pack Rat Outdoor Center prides itself on offering excellent customer service as well as the largest selection of premium outdoor equipment, clothing, footwear, and boats. If we do not have the product you are looking for we are happy to place a special order or refer you to another local retailer. During the Spring and Fall, we work closely with a variety of non-profits and educational services to host a series of Pint Nights and other events.

Your feedback is a huge resource for the store. Please send in your comments about your experience with our store policies, events, and overall customer experience. 

Need help planning a trip?

If you have a trip planned, or looking for help on how to plan one, we would love to assist! It doesn't matter if you're looking for advice on your upcoming trip to Patagonia, or if you are just looking for local hiking trails, we are excited to help!

A close up photo of the front deck at Pack Rat Outdoor Center, a log-cabin like building. A Pack Rat sign can be seen hanging on the wall.

Pack Fitting

A good fit is the most essential component to finding the right backpack. It’s a great idea to spend time researching the plethora of backpacks on the market today, and to consider all the different features available. For better or worse, all those options means there are literally thousands of packs to choose from.

Unfortunately, that means the "latest and greatest pack" may not be the best fit. It’s worth your time (and money) to try on a variety of backpacks, and find one that is, ultimately, comfortable - bells & whistles should come second.

A poor fit can throw off your balance, make your pack feel heavier, cause neck, back, and hip pain, and generally lead to a lousy experience.

At Pack Rat Outdoor Center, we pride ourselves on being accomplished outdoors enthusiasts. With that comes with what some might call an unfortunate amount of first-hand experience with our own pack fits. From downright terrible to “I forgot it was on,” we’ve been there. Come to Pack Rat and we’ll get you into the perfect pack!

A man with a ponytail adjust a backpack to fit a customer. There is a wall of backpacks to their left.

Roof Rack Installation

We carry Yakima and Thule roof racks, kayak & bike carriers, tents, cargo baskets & boxes, and a plethora of other accessories!

Our staff can assist you in selecting appropriate roof rack & accessories for your vehicle.

Any racks or accessories purchased from Pack Rat will be installed free of charge, otherwise there is a $50 installation fee.

A truck with a rooftop tent is set up in the desert. There are folding camp chairs and a rock ring to the left.

Boot/Shoe Fitting

Another service we offer at Pack Rat is finding you the right footwear. Like backpacks, there’s more to finding the right boot than buying the newest model. There’s also no such thing as “the best boot.” Every shoe and boot we carry is designed with a certain purpose in mind. Whether its long distance backpacking, rock climbing, trail running, or going fast and light on a thru-hike, your footwear will accel in certain categories over others.
Once you’ve picked out some options based on what you want the shoe to do, you’ll want to take note of the fit - is the toe box roomy enough, or too tight? Is your heel snug, or slipping? How does the arch support feel? There are many factors in a boot fit that are hard to achieve without trying on different pairs and sizes. We’re well equipped at Pack Rat to get into a comfortable, long lasting boot or shoe that’s perfect for your next adventure!

A sales clerk helps measure a customer's foot using a Brannock device.

Gear Repair & Warranty

We do our best to bring in high quality products at Pack Rat, but accidents happen. If your gear breaks, or doesn’t meet your standards, our warranty department is here to help! We can examine your footwear, clothing, and equipment, and either assist you in making repairs, or begin a warranty claim.

We are excited to announce that Pack Rat is offering more services to keep your gear ready for the next adventure! These are some of the maintenance services we can provide:

Wash and dry Down Sleeping Bag: $50

Wash and dry Down Jacket: $25

Wash and re-apply DWR to Rain Jacket and Pants: $25

Tent maintenance & minor repairs: $25

Contact us if you have any questions or needs not listed here.

Estimated turn-around time for repairs is five days, but will depend on staff and materials availability. All repairs will be assessed for in-house work. Some repairs may need to be performed by the Manufacturer.

Various examples of worn gear. A down jacket with a hole leaks feathers, a cracked kayak gets plastic welded, and a rain coat with a fresh water repellant coating beads up water on its surface.
A man wearing a red shirt and climbing helmet looks at the ground from the top of a climbing route. He is about to rappel down the cliff.

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