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In-store/Curbside Pickup Available

In-store/Curbside Pickup Available

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I/O Mag

Safari Flood / Black Gold Mirror
White Vapor / ChromaPop Everyday Rose Gold Mirror
Black / ChromaPop Sun Green Mirror
Alder Geo Camo/ChromaPop Everyday Green Mirror
Cloud Grey/ChromaPop Sun Platinum Mirror
White Vapor/ChromaPop Sun Platinum Mirror

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You can only scope your line if you can see where you're going. Putting on the Smith I/O MAG™ goggles is like flipping the switch from regular to widescreen. Our ChromaPop™ lens tech boosts color and contrast, so every wind lip, landing, and tree glade is as sharp as possible. It gets our highest level of anti-fog treatment and integrates with our helmets for airflow that keeps them fog-free through all weather conditions. Whether the day dawns clear or stormy, lens swaps are a snap thanks to our quick-swap MAG™ lens system.

Compatible only with lenses from 20/21 production season.