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Thru-Hiking Clinic - March 20

March 20
5:00-7:00 pm

This clinic is for avid backpackers with aspirations of extending time on trail, or for those curious about what a thru-hike is and how it differs from backpacking.
The content will have an emphasis on the Pacific Crest Trail, but if you are interested in the AT, CDT, or local long trails like the OHT, you'll get plenty out of this clinic! 
Attendees will receive handout materials, including sources for further reading. There will be a book giveaway at the end of the clinic with excellent titles about long trail experiences.   
Jasmyn "Whistles" Barca has hiked the PCT in 2022, Ouachita Trail in 2020, as well as backpacking experience in the U.S & Internationally. 

We will cover the timeline of a Thru-hike in 3 chunks, but conversations will be mainly driven by class questions:
1) Preparation Before - Training, Budget, Expectations, Logistics, Permits, Gear
2) During the Hike - Culture/ Lifestyle, Hitching & Town, Nutrition, Weather and Hazards, Trail Closures, and Leave No Trace
3) After the Hike is Done- Recovery, Adjustment back to "Normal", and Mental Health