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Heated Blanket

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Bring the comfort and warmth of home to the outdoors, a quilted blanket plus active heat. The Ignik Heated Blanket provides 3 modes for adjustable, reliable, and comfortable heat wherever you go. Ideal for chilly evenings on the beach, off-season picnics, or the ultimate in-car camping coziness.

Two Heat Modes: 12V Instant Heat Mode & 5V-USB Efficiency Mode

Instant Heat Mode - Connect directly to a 12V power supply for immediate heat in the 2 RCS HeatZones. Heats up within 2 minutes up to 140-deg-F. Perfect for a boost of heat and extreme conditions. Uses a standard 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector (12V-3.5A power), or optional Vehicle Adapter.

Efficiency Mode - Use the 5V-USB Adapter for power conservation and maximum compatibility. HeatZones gradually warm up to 80-deg-F. Does not feel hot to the touch, but great for adding a consistent extra "layer" of warmth.

  • 2 - RCS HeatZoneª
  • Sleeps 1
  • Output - 40w
  • Max Temp - 140¼F | 60¼C
  • Power Requirements 12v or 5v
  • Standard Connector 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel
  • Included Adapters 5v USB-A Adapter
  • Dimensions - 52 x 75 in | 32 x 191 cm
  • Weight 3.4lbs | 1545g
  • Stuff Sack