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"Pack Rat Outdoor Center: Greenest Outdoor Shop

In The Country?"

"Pack Rat Outdoor Center:

Greenest Outdoor Shop in the Country?"


We here at Pack Rat Outdoor Center love two things- helping our neighbors have amazing adventures by offering the "best selection, most experience" and giving back to our community.

Our love for our community and the outdoors can only be genuine through our commitment to our natural environment- this is why we use sustainable business practices. Through investing in renewable energy resources, reducing our consumption of single-use products in house and during events. By recycling all waste possible and leading stewardship events, we help ensure our future generations have shared wild spaces to play.


December of 2014, Pack Rat Turned on 348 solar panels and has since stopped over 275,00 pounds of coal from being burned. In just 36 months our shop has removed the equivalent of 54 cars from the road for a year. Our business contributes to better air quality because 99% of our energy is generated from the sun.


We strive to reduce our impact on the landfill not only through our shop's day to day purchasing practices, but with mindful waste management practices for our events. In 2018 we hosted 12 events with over 2,000 participants and we sent just under 50 pounds of trash to the landfill. For our events alone, we composted over 150 pounds of food waste with the help of the City of Fayetteville. And here at the shop? Our employees composted 250 pounds of food this year by simply using Pack Rat's onsite compost bin.

Continous Improvements

Our efforts in recycling are never ending as we explore our options on what can be recycled and what can be up-cycled. We have recycled well over 25,000 plastic snack packaging wrappers through Terracycle. Pack Rat is a Terracycle drop off location for two recycling programs- one for recycling disposable cups, straws and lids. The other is for recycled snack packaging. Thanks to our partnership with Adventure Subaru we never throw away coffee cups or snack wrappers.



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